KD-Tray-Cleaner TUBUR 600 | 800 | 1000

KD tray cleaners for cleaning 2-edged baking trays and perforated plates Capacity: up to 1400 baking trays simul taneously cleaned and oiled per hour


Working Principle

Schema TUBURYou insert the baking ray - dirty side down - into the entry opening above the pre-scaper. It is then drawn into the machine by the feeding rolls and transported between the two fast revolving brushes which clean both sides of the tray dry. The discharching rolls extract the tray out of the brushes and pass it into the next cleaning station and through the greasing system.There the tray is greased dust free and then transported onto the tray trolley. The dirt is fallen into the large mobile dirt drawer accessible from the back of the machine. The loading height of 850mm (33.5") is strandard at this model. Up to 100 baking trays are cleaned and greased simultaneously in 5 minutes.


TUBUR Series

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KD-tray-cleaner TUBUR


Working principle of the integrated hole cleaning TUBUR